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MGW Real Strategies Consulting, LLC focuses on your circumstances to reveal insights that will yield results. We will bridge the gap between today’s reality and your future through conversation, analysis, and workable strategies.
Divorce Financial Analysis and Strategies

When you are facing the challenges of divorce, planning for your future can feel overwhelming. A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® can provide individualized solutions to your unique set of circumstances. Through compassionate communication, resource analysis, and mindful planning we can help you realize financial security and independence.

MGW Real Strategies Consulting, LLC offers personalized and clear financial advice from a caring professional.

Business Management Support

With MGW Real Strategies Consulting Support Service you have answers to business management questions on speed dial. You have access to expertise and a confidential advisor without adding to your fixed overhead. There are different plans available to suit your budget and needs. Contact us to learn how you can add capacity that allows you to focus on meeting your goals.

Michelle Gabor is an experienced professional with proven success in advocacy and organizational management and leadership

The company founder is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® with a unique background in having led finance, accounting, human resource, operations, call center, online banking, mobile banking, and administrative functional areas. These cross-functional qualifications create the ability to see the big picture and to help clients address their needs. Her character and know-how also make her a strong ally and personal finance advisor for anyone preparing for the transition of a divorce.