We Bridge the Gap Between Today’s Resources and Your Future.

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Customized, Results-Focused Services Give You Tools to Get to the Next Level

MGW Real Strategies Consulting, LLC focuses on your numbers to reveal insights that will drive performance. We bridge the gap between today’s resources and your future through conversation, analysis, and workable strategies.

You wear many hats and have non-stop demands on your time. Who do you turn to when you don’t have the capacity to effectively manage competing needs internally?

MGW Real Strategies Consulting offers a partner with proven ability to deliver results without committing to overhead. We will identify the opportunity, design strategies to achieve success, and agree on metrics to measure success.

Business Management Support

With MGW Real Strategies Consulting Support Service you have answers to business management questions on speed dial. You have access to expertise and a confidential advisor without adding to your fixed overhead. There are different plans available to suit your budget and needs. Contact us to learn how you can add capacity that allows you to focus on meeting your goals.

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Michelle Gabor is an experienced business professional with proven success in organizational management and leadership

The company founder has a unique background in having led finance, accounting, human resource, operations, call center, online banking, mobile banking, and administrative functional areas. Her industry and nonprofit experience from a variety of perspectives created the ability to see the whole organization and to help clients address systemic issues for better cross-functional teamwork.