About The Company

We Bridge The Gap Between Today’s Resources And Your Future

MGW Real Strategies Consulting, LLC identifies alignment issues and provides workable strategies to turn challenges into opportunities for small and medium sized businesses and non profit organizations.

Contact us if you have asked yourself any of these common questions that indicate an opportunity to make adjustments for better performance. We work together to define better performance – there are many possible metrics including higher ROI, improved retention, increased satisfaction, increased sales, more accurate budgeting — that ultimately drive bottom line success.

Why are good customers leaving?

Why can’t we get anything done on time around here?

How can we improve productivity without adding costs?

Who can help this new manager become a leader who inspires high performance?

How can we get people from different departments to work together as a team?

Why aren’t people seeing the big picture?

What would help our organization get to the next level?

Areas of Expertise

Proven success in these areas of expertise that build capacity and alignment with the people skills to get results.

Strategic Planning

Employee Development

Human Resources & Operations Management

Product/Process Implementation

Budgeting/Forecasting Planning

Enterprise Risk Management

Meet Michelle Gabor

The company founder has a unique background in having led finance, accounting, human resource, operations, call center, online banking, mobile banking, and administrative functional areas. This cross-functional experience creates the ability to see the whole organization and to help clients address issues to improve organizational cohesion and effectiveness.