Divorce Financial Analysis and Strategies

Financial Guidance That Benefits You

MGW Real Strategies Consulting, LLC will start by performing a thorough evaluation of your family’s finances to form a complete picture of your unique set of circumstances and to provide the groundwork for a healthy divorce settlement. Then, through conversation and collaboration, we will determine your needs and lifestyle goals. Let’s form a partnership and work together to establish a realistic path to your financial security. It’s all about getting you and your family where you need to go.

There are many ways a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® can help you during this transition. See below for examples.


budgetary and expense data


the short and long term effects of dividing assets


financial and lifestyle goals


settlement strategies that will work for you and your family

Financial Health Check

Understanding Your Finances Is Vital For Long-Term Stability

MGW Real Strategies Consulting, LLC will establish an understanding of your family’s finances to prepare you for the transition of divorce.

This service will include a detailed analysis of factors including property and other assets, earning potential such as wages and stock options, tax return review and projected tax liability, pension and retirement plan valuation, and other relevant data that should be taken into account when determining a fair division of assets. We will also discuss the short and long-term effects of settlement options, such as projections of net worth and income in the coming years for one or both spouses. When you are trying to navigate complex settlement issues, getting an expert analysis of your resources can help to ensure you are on a level playing field. Let a professional help you examine different settlement possibilities and anticipate what the future could look like in various scenarios.

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Protect your Family’s Financial Security

Almost half of American families experience poverty following a divorce

source: J Heath

Strategies for a Beneficial Settlement

You Deserve an Ally

Take comfort in knowing someone is working to make sure you are treated fairly throughout this process.

A Certified Divorce Financial Analyst® will work with you and your lawyer to establish a comprehensive understanding of your finances and a plan for negotiating your settlement. They can also appear as an expert witness in court or in mediation and arbitration proceedings. With a solid support system beside you, you can be confident that you have a strong settlement strategy. You will not only have an expert analysis of current finances, together we will develop a plan to ensure an equitable division of assets and income agreement that will keep your family secure as you rebuild. Together we will determine your financial and lifestyle goals, and these will be our focus as you prepare for your new life. Your vision for your family’s future is the number one priority, and together we will make sure any proposed divorce agreement is favorable for your financial stability. This can be a difficult transition, and MGW Real Strategies Consulting, LLC brings experience and sensitivity to the process.

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