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Welcome! MGW Real Strategies Consulting, LLC focuses on your circumstances to reveal insights that will yield results. We will bridge the gap between today’s reality and your future through conversation, analysis, and workable strategies that develop stronger managers.
The concepts of organizational alignment and capacity building through excellent management can be applied in any industry where people are your largest annual expense line item. If your people are not performing at 100%, there is room for better organizational performance. MGW Real Strategies Consulting, LLC identifies alignment issues and provides workable strategies to turn challenges into opportunities for small and medium sized businesses and non-profit organizations.


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Management Coaching

The ability for your managers to coach their own team members is the most important skill. Your organization can improve productivity, increase employee engagement, and reduce turnover by helping your managers hone their ability to lead. Through coaching conversations and support, we will identify and implement management tools that drive results.

Michelle gabor

Coach and Company Founder

Management Coaching

Hi! Thank you for visiting. I work primarily in the financial services industry helping managers become better managers by working with them one on one in the areas of time management, delegation and coaching team members. Since It’s about the clients, see what they said in the 2019 client survey. I’m honored by their feedback.


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When asked “To what level has working with Michelle Gabor improved your leadership, management and coaching abilities?”, 77% of participants “extremely effective” and 23% said “very effective”


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