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Meet Michelle

Company founder Michelle Gabor, MBA and CPA, has held responsibility at both strategic and functional levels in a variety of areas in the financial institution, non-profit, and manufacturing industries for over twenty years. In addition to senior finance/accounting roles with 4 organizations she has also led human resources and online services/call center operations. She has been responsible for driving change and improving processes by engaging employees and figuring out how to optimize systems and proven success in organizations ranging from small start-ups to a credit union with $1.5 billion in assets in the highly regulated financial institution industry.
Michelle is an independent consultant and teaches for the University of Wisconsin-Parkside.
Michelle believes that leaders serve others and that great work is encouraged by a sense of humor and decency. She works well with all levels of an organization from front line employees to board members to customers.

MGW Real Strategies offers extensive background in organizational management in the areas of human resources, finance, mentoring, strategic organizational alignment, finance and accounting. The true advantage is being able to align these diverse functional areas, so everyone is working together in a realistic way to achieve success. You may be familiar with consultants who come in, deliver a boiler plate list of recommendations, and leave. Michelle wants to build relationships where the strategies make sense and are actionable.

Michelle lives in southeastern Wisconsin along the Milwaukee-Chicago corridor. She loves to camp, kayak, travel, read, garden, and is a dedicated Green Bay Packers fan. She has been an active community volunteer for decades. She believes work can and should be meaningful and satisfying. A great body of research proves that when your goals, processes, systems and people are in alignment you get more engagement and better results as an organization, so it is a win-win for everyone involved.

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