Developing Business Acumen

Teaching managers to help their team members realize their potential and achieve organizational goals through coaching.


Managers need to know how your organization operates in order to meet your strategic objectives and reach key performance indicators. This way they can be trusted to set the right priorities and then implement the initiatives to accomplish these goals.


Driving organizational results is a highly valued skill. Developing this, along with learning compelling language to accomplish goals, will increase the quality of your manager’s work. They in turn will realize a better alignment of organizational goals and performance metrics. We need to make clear that business acumen is not a single skill, but a wide complex of competencies, knowledge, and awareness of multiple aspects of your organization. Of course, with these competencies comes a greater sense of confidence in tackling situations that arise in a day to day environment. This in turn will lead to greater job satisfaction and better work results.

Skill Set Growth

Understanding Financial Statements

Managers will see their personal success as they learn to interpret your organization’s financial statements and thereby gain a greater understanding of the company’s values and operations.


Understanding the budget process for your organization is a critical piece of effective management. We work with your managers to increase their competence in working within this cycle.

Budgetary Requests

Managers learn how to effectively research, evaluate and present requests for funding.

Performance Metrics

Your managers will learn to evaluate both their team members and themselves. They can then initiate positive course re-alignment actions earlier in the process that will build more successful and satisfied teams.

How Do They Do It?

Managers will go through an individualized assessment to gain an understanding of their current skill level. We help them create a personalized development plan. We work with live data in both financial statements and budget analysis activities. They work on real budgetary requests for greater success and immediate performance enhancement. And we train them on current key performance indicators.

Ready to develop your organization's biggest resource?

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