Management Coaching

Teaching managers to help their team members realize their potential and achieve organizational goals through coaching.


Each person is unique, so our training focuses on that approach. We customize everyone’s sessions to work on what they need to be successful. Let’s face it, managers get where they are at by being good at what they do! So, let’s use that capability and grow to even greater heights by refining those areas that could use a little work.


The ability for your managers to coach their own team members is the most important skill they need to call upon. We will work together to create a high level of competence in their ability to accomplish this activity. Of course, with competence comes a greater sense of confidence in tackling situations that arise in a day to day environment. This in turn will lead to greater job satisfaction and better work results.

Skill Set Growth

Time Management

Are your managers working hard and still don’t have time for all the work they have? Not so surprisingly, everyone needs a little work in this area. By focusing on this sub- skill, they can work smarter, not harder.

Personal Growth Goals

They set their own goals. We just help them identify what those goals might be and how to integrate them into accomplishing their main objectives.

Identifying Internal Resources

There are untapped resources all around your managers. Discovering what and where they are at is an important tool for them to have.

Having Difficult Conversations

This can be one of most avoided tasks a manager is called to do. But it doesn’t have to be that painful. They can reduce their stress by learning safe techniques to accomplish this activity and at the same time, earn respect from the people that they work with.

Knowing What Tool to Use When

A shotgun approach is rarely effective when dealing with people, so learning to intuitively know which technique or relationship skill to apply becomes a critical piece.

How Do They Do It?

They will learn what currently stops them from developing their own coaching technique. From there we help them design individualized strategies and steps to accomplish their goals. They will next integrate their growth goals and personal motivations into their daily activities. And finally, they learn to build accountability with their staff and in themselves.

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