What Are The Numbers Telling You?

d-numbers-light-blue-extruded-36495122Understand the numbers to make life better for your organization.

Is $30,000 “good” or “bad”? That’s a bad question!

Numbers and reports by themselves represent data. There is actually no such thing as a “good” or “bad” number. We need insight and experience to evaluate the data so that it becomes information that is useful to decision-makers. The value statements come after analysis, evaluation, and perspective.

Let’s consider that $30,000 — is that someone’s salary, the price of a car, a software program? After defining the number, which is someone’s salary in this example, you move on to context. Is the $30,000 gross or net, monthly or annual? Are there any other sources of income? These and similar questions produce the context for evaluation. Is that person a 25-year old living with parents or a 50-year old with two kids in college? What are their debts? What are their savings? What are their goals? We can then develop strategies to close gaps between the current situation and desired future and set goals to keep them motivated and to measure success.

This process transforms numbers into information that is useful for decision-making and focuses on real impact. Reports and data are worthless if they aren’t used to better your organization.

Why work with MGW Real Strategies Consulting?

In this inaugural post I want to explain why I started this business. We’ve all had experience with consultants who provided pages upon reports filled with numbers, gave some generic recommendations, and walked out the door. Other consultants have inspired by learning about our organization and the people in it and offering personalized and realistic ideas. When these ideas were implemented we realized success.

I have the background and capability to contribute to your success and am passionate about helping others. I have worked with amazing people who just needed an external partner to provide time and know-how so they could get to the next level. The process described in the example above will be used to provide useful information that leads to real solutions. I want to work with small and medium sized organizations who want to make life better (whether than means easier, more profitable, more efficient, more aligned, more focused) and are looking for a partner with expertise, common sense, and people skills.  Let’s figure out what the numbers are saying to guide the way.